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Privileges starting May 1, 2020 until April 30, 2021


*I hereby acknowledge that I am voluntarily agreeing to be a 2020/21 REEDS cardholder at The Reeds at Shelter Haven. I have carefully read the agreement, fully understand its contents and agree to the terms and conditions of this program.

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Reeds Card $995Reeds Card Reserve $3,325

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House Account privileges can be arranged for all cardholders. Cardholders can charge their house accounts for all services rendered at the Water Star Grille, SAX Restaurant and Lounge, Buckets Margarita Bar & Cantina, Stone Harbor Pizza Pub and Wafflewich. Cardholders must have a valid Credit Card on file to use house account privileges. At the end of each month, the credit card on file will be charged for any house account charges accumulated in that billing month. A statement of charges will be emailed to the cardholder for their records. If there are billing issues, house account privileges can be suspended without notice.

All Cardholders with house accounts will be entered into the Reeds Rewards program. For every $2,500 charged to the cardholder’s house account in food and beverage related expenditures (excluding tax, gratuity or other miscellaneous charges) at the Water Star Grille, SAX Restaurant and Lounge, Buckets Margarita Bar & Cantina, Stone Harbor Pizza Pub or Wafflewich, the cardholder will be issued a $200 Reeds gift card, once their house account is fully reconciled. Reeds Rewards will not be issued to cardholders with pending balances.

I wish to be entered into the Reeds optional house account / rewards program

If yes, I understand that in order to exercise charging privileges, I must contact Lea Gorodesky at to confirm billing arrangements.

Membership payment:

Please know that there is a limited supply of Reeds Cards and Reeds Reserve Cards available. If your application is received after the limit has been met, you will be notified and your application will be waitlisted. If credit card payment in the Proceed to Purchase section below is not completed along with application submission or payment is not approved, enrollment will not be honored.

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